How do you decide when you need to study?-

Aug 22, 2018 4:13:21 PM

You know your stuff, and you are doing OK working away at the level you know, but sometimes circumstances prompt you to make a step change and apply yourself to attain a new level. Maybe you are envious of the person working in a related job that is currently out of your reach, and you decide to equip yourself for that position. Maybe you feel a bit left behind when some new talent comes on the scene. Or in spite of taking an active interest in your field, you don’t feel that reading the latest blogs is giving you the depth you need.

Taking Business Owners beyond Social Media into Digital Marketing Success-

Aug 1, 2016 11:36:14 AM

Last year, 600,000 new business owners joined the UK marketplace. As
Entrepreneur reports, the internet has the power to exponentially grow the reach of a business – across the UK and to the global market. Business owners can benefit from online marketing in a variety of ways. You may not have the budget or means to facilitate a full e-commerce offering, but even advertising your presence in the market online can drive customers to your business and ultimately increase profits.

Top Tips for getting a job in Digital Marketing-

Jul 6, 2016 3:30:00 PM

If you are seeking a job in Digital Marketing after recently graduating, I’m sure you have heard about the huge opportunity for marketing graduates. As employers move their marketing budgets to digital marketing channels, they are increasingly seeking employees who can demonstrate skills across the digital marketing mix.  So it’s clear the jobs are out there, but how do graduates get noticed by the top employers in the Digital Marketing space? 

Key Considerations When Making A Career Change To Digital Marketing-

Jun 16, 2016 11:37:06 AM

Over recent years, digital skills and technologies have become increasingly essential to all industries, and there has been a substantial increase in the demand for digital experts to fill these roles. Competition is high for organisations looking to recruit skilled digital professionals, which means higher salaries and benefits for those looking for a career in digital marketing.  It isn’t surprising then we are witnessing an increase in ‘Career Changers’ – those professionals looking to move out of their current role, in to one of a Digital Marketing professional.

Developing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy-

May 17, 2016 1:35:23 PM

The Three-fold Approach

As a result of economic globalisation and the rise of the digital economy, the marketplace which we see today is very different to that of 10 years ago, and often organisational success can depend on what you do to market your business online to keep up with the growing competition. Thus businesses, no matter what size or industry they operate within, must adopt a more active approach to marketing, utilising the channels that are most relevant to their target audience.

The Future of Scotland is Digital-

Apr 22, 2016 5:00:00 PM

Nations across the globe are dedicated to becoming digitally developed economies, thus powering a rise in digital marketing. The digital economy is driving growth and creating jobs, contributing to eight percent of the GDP of the G-20 nations. In Ofcom’s International Communications Market Report (2014), the UK was amongst the strongest digital economies across the globe. But where does this leave the Scottish economy?